Based Quantum Computing

Charge and Spin Measurement using
Single Electron Transistors (SETs)

Perhaps the greatest advance in recent years relevant to semiconductor quantum computing has been the development of techniques for the electronic measurement of single spins (see the review of Hanson et al.).  To date these types of measurements have only been made in type III-V semiconductors, where nuclear spins inevitably limit the coherence of the electron spins being probed.  At LPS we are concentrating on using single electron transistors to probe donors in silicon (like phosphorus) which are known to have extremely long coherence times that can (in principle) be undiminished by nuclear spins in the semiconductor host.  Most of our recent work has focused on probing the electromagnetic environment near Si/SiO2 interfaces at low temperatures using nearby aluminum SETs and on using these SETs to induce and measure conduction electrons at the Si/SiO2 interface.

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