Phase Qubit and Resonators
Superconducting Quantum Computing


Kevin Osborn
Principal Investigator
January 2007 - Present
osborn -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Moe Khalil
Graduate Student
January 2008 - Present
moe -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Sergiy Gladchenko
Post-doctoral Researcher
June 2009 - Present
gladchenko -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Bahman Sarabi
Graduate Student
July 2009 - Present
bahmans -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Micah Stoutimore
Post-doctoral Researcher
September 2009 - Present
micah.stoutimore -at- lps -dot- umd -dot- edu

Hanhee Paik
Post-doctoral Researcher
July 2007 - June 2009
Currently at Yale U.


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