Phase Qubit and Resonators
Superconducting Quantum Computing



Spring 2011

Two manuscripts were submitted for publication to Physical Review Letters. One explores surprising new phenomena in the ubiquitous two-level systems in coherent measurements which are very sensitive interactions. The second manuscript explores the phenomena of noise squeezing in a resonator and quantitatively connects them to the inherent dynamics of TLSs.

August 2010

 Two studies submitted and later accepted for publication. One study compares inductive versus capacitive coupling in superconducting parallel plate LC resonators  in the presence of variable loss created by two-level systems (arXiv:1008.3130v1). A second study compares the loss from quasilumped resonators to coplanar strip cavity-length resonators (arXiv:1008.2929).

January 2010

New Studies in Quantum-Mechanical Material Defects: A study on how to optimize amorphous silicon nitride for qubits was published in Applied Physics Letters.

June 2009

Kevin Osborn was quoted in a JQI/University of Maryland press release . His collaborators, Chris Lobb, Gary Rubloff, Victor Galitski, and Charles Musgrave, were recently funded by IARPA through ARO to work on advanced materials for superconducting qubits.

August 2008

New Low-Loss SiNx:H film for quantum computing: We have measured SiNx films in resonator circuits at 30 mK and in the low energy limit relevant for superconducting qubits. In this intrinsic regime,  we find that the loss tangent can vary by over a factor of ten in ICP CVD films, and the better film advances the state of the art in silicon nitride.

December 2007

Decoherence in Superconducting Qubit (DiSQ) Workshop, Berkeley. Kevin Osborn coorganized workshop with Irfan Siddiqi and Ben Palmer. Please contact Osborn for a copy of the talks.

August 2007

New Josephson junction fabrication facilities: A new multitarget sputtering system with ion mill and oxidation capabilities was recently installed by our group to make Josephson junctions and superconducting thin films.


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