Phase Qubit and Resonators
Superconducting Quantum Computing


By cooling circuits from room temperature to 10,000 times closer to absolute zero, entire circuits enter a quantum mechanical state where quantized energy levels can be observed, analogous to those of an atom. While the states of an atom are described spatially, the states of the superconducting circuit are typically described by charge and magnetic flux in circuit elements. In some circuits, two engineered energy states are used as quantum bits (qubits), which can be used in quantum computation. In this group we study low-temperature materials phenomena which are related to the performance of qubits. We also design and measure new types of Josephson junction devices, which allow for new measurements in the quantum regime.

A new type of Josephson junction device which strongly couples to individual materials defects in a experiment that is comparable to atoms in cavities. In this case, the cavity strongly couples to defects which reveals an interesting new measurement in Cavity QED.

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