Microelectronics Integration Home Page

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Microelectronics Integration (MI) team is to leverage leading-edge semiconductor and advanced packaging technologies to pioneer and transfer novel processing capabilities that enable Agency, USG, prime defense contractor, and partner missions as well as providing in-house design , fabrication, and testing of ultra-low profile electronic prototypes that are not commercially available.  If you have unmet requirements regarding microelectronics, PCB assembly, or fabrication, please contact us.

Primary Projects/Efforts:

  • 3-Dimensional Integration (3DI)
  • High Density Substrates (HDS)
  • Thin-Film Flex Interconnect (TFI)
  • Advanced Packaging
  • Rapid PCB Assembly
  • COTS Depackaging
  • COTS Redistribution Layers and Re-balling
  • MEMS and Novel Materials Processing
  • Through Silicon Vias (TSVs)

Recent News:

R3 has recently established on-site capabilities for laser solder jetting and re-work of ball grid array (BGA) components.  This enables multiple thrusts by fabricating dense BGAs that cannot handle oven reflow, replacing commercial solder interfaces with changes in alloy composition (replacing RoHs alloys with eutectic SnPb for enhanced reliability), and reduction of solder ball sizes down to 40 micron diameters.  R3 recently demonstrated this capability for Corfin Industries, LLC that directly supports prime aerospace defense contractors to enhance the reliability of military flight components