Collaborative Research

MBE group members spend a portion of their time collaborating with university and government scientists on a wide range of projects that leverage our growth expertise in an applied fashion.  Some of the recent projects have been listed below.


LPS scientists have examined a large array of optical signal processing techniques during the past decade.  Many of the devices were fabricated at LPS using material grown by the MBE group.  Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Electroabsorption modulators, ring resonators, and numerous types of photodetectors have been investigated in collaboration with Prof.s Julius Goldhar, P.T. Ho, Mario Dagenais, and Chi Lee.

Room temperature photoluminescence (top) and amplified spontaneous emission (bottom) spectra of a bulk semiconductor optical amplifier grown on InP for optical signal processing applications.

The above left photo shows a micro-ring laser resonator grown on an InP substrate.  This laser is only cavity is only 10µm in diameter and successfully lased at 1.55µm at room temperature.  An InGaAs photodiode  (right) grown on an InP substrate that operates in the 1.55µm telecommunication band.



We have developed and demonstrated piezoelectricaly actuated radio frequency MEMS using AlGaAs based structures grown on GaAs substrates (left) in collaboration with Prof. Don DeVoe from Mechanical Engineering at UMD.  Different types of resonators such as disk and cantilevers were demonstrated. Resonance frequencies of up to 24MHz were achieved.

Suspended wave guide MEMs structures of InGaAsP were created in association with Prof. Reza Ghodssi  at the UMD ECE department.  Optical switching and optical detection of beam displacements were demonstrated.