Polymer optical micro-ring resonators

Micro-ring resonators are compact, versatile optical devices with applications in telecommunications and sensing.  Our research is carried out with a view toward applications in fast signal processing on a chip, for example, filtering, efficient switching, and buffering of optical signals. We are investigating polymers as our material platform because polymers can have high optical nonlinearities, low absorption loss, allow easy device fabrication, and offer a great variety of material properties.  We have designed and fabricated filters using arrays consisting of over 100 micro-rings with very low throughput loss (<3 dB) yet broad bandwidth. High quality micro-rings have also been fabricated using MAP.

Spectral transmission exhibiting a wide stop band at the
throughport of a lattice of 72 polymer microring

All-optical switching in a microring-loaded
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer fabricated by standard
photolithography from PFCB.

Demonstration of all-optical switching in an array of polymer microrings.

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