Advanced Functional Materials and Devices

This group at LPS is involved in the research and development of devices using nanoscale and nanostructured materials, organic and polymeric materials, and electromagnetic metamaterials. Fabrication techniques include inkjet and spray printing of carbon nanotube inks, as well as nanoimprint, transfer printing, direct writing, multiphoton absorption polymerization, and traditional photolithography.

Areas of concentration include:
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Carbon Nanotube and Graphene Research

  • Controlled Growth and Patterning of CNTs
  • Suspended CNT Devices
  • All-CNT Thin-Film Transistor Devices
  • Parallel-CNT Field Effect Transistors for High Speed Applications
  • Graphene

Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Transfer Printing

Optical Polymers and Devices

  • Optical waveguides for chip-to-chip¬† interconnects
  • Laser fabricated optical elements in polymers
  • Multiphoton Absorption Polymerization Fabricated Waveguides
  • Hybrid Polymer/MSM Traveling Wave Photodetectors
  • 2nd order NLO organic materials (electro-optic)
  • 3rd order NLO organic materials (opto-optic)
  • High Speed Polymer Electro-optic Modulators
  • Polymer optical microring resonators

Organic Semiconductors

  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Organic Photodetectors

POC:  Dr. Warren Herman, 301-935-6474, herman(at)